• Mariam I. Daffa
  • Wadee Al Halabi
  • Maya M. Akbar
  • Sara H. Al-Jehani


This study was designed to create a system and hardware device that measures the weight of an item that is virtually transmitted through SIM communication system from another location. The implementation section of the project is divided into two main parts, software and hardware. For the software part, we will develop a program that connects an Arduino PC with an SMS module that will allow the weight of the object to be translated into Newton power and then transmitted virtually. The hardware part of the project consists of connecting a simple weight scale. This scale is connected through electric signals to an Arduino PC, which is a small computer that is in charge of transmitting the weight of the object in (x grams) to a SIM device connector in Newton power. The SIM connector is a basic device that only needs a SIM card inserted in for it to work. It works as a basic mobile phone that sends and receives texts only it cannot be used for calling. The receiver location also has an Arduino and an SMS module as well as a motor that will generate the Newton power into pressure. The motor’s end is connected with a chain. The user then lifts up the chain feeling the weight of the virtually transmitted object.