Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Impacts Online Shopping Mall Marketing


  • JuSung Kim
  • Sangbok Lee


Background/Objectives:As technology has advanced, consumer purchasing patterns have changed. As a result of searching for the products of the existing online shoppers and changing the purchase method, customer loyalty to a certain shopping mall disappears, the current situation is that a domestic search portal compares product information through a search engine, and then moves to a corresponding shopping mall to purchase.Store operations in the country can see that it is the current situation that does not expose most of the products that they sell to overseas sales experience or lack of awareness of the CEO, the lack of such technology to the global portal. Therefore, a study on the impact of activities related to the deployment of Search Engine Optimization Online Shopping Mall on corporate performance in this study for the purpose.

Methods/Statistical analysis: Study the scope of the present study was a questionnaire sent by e-mail josaji targets 800 corporate representatives of the national corporate marketer.Although distribution total 500 parts, as a result of analyzing how the number of responses was used for non-response analysis and 200 parts other than the information 65 parts of a bad faith.The analysis method was frequency analysis using IBM SPSS Statistics 22The Exploratory y Factor Analysis to analyze the reliability and validity of survey tools and conduct the Reliability Analysis and Statistics conducted a technical analysis and exploratory factor analysis and reliability analysis.One-way ANOVA was used for comparative analysis by factor.Correlation Analysis was used to determine the direction of the factors.Finally, the search engine marketing was used to adjust regression analysis to examine the impact on the relationship between corporate performance.

Findings:The research resultsFirst, managers' competency has a statistically significant effect on corporate performance. It appears a significant impact on search engine optimization and utilization of the company,SEO advantage from the impact of the management capabilities on firm performance has been shown to act as a moderating effect.Second, Technology development has a statistically significant effect on corporate performance,it showed significant influence on search engine optimization and utilization of the company, technology development to optimize the search engine on the impact on the business performance advantage was the role of a moderating effect.Third, Education and training have a statistically significant impact on corporate performance,Have a significant impact on search engine optimization and utilization of the company.In addition, search engine optimization under the influence of education and training on business performance advantage was found to act as a moderating effect.

Improvements/Applications: This study has limitations in applying it to general companies because it is possible to conduct research through extremely limited subjects such as web developers and chief executives who are involved in marketing or related to search engine optimization.However, it is meaningful in that it suggested the marketing direction of search engine optimization.In addition, through search engine optimization, it aims to enable domestic companies to exploit domestic and overseas market.                           

Keywords: Search engine optimization(SEO), Online shopping mall, Search engine marketing, Internet portal.