A Food Delivery Mobile Application in University Campus Based on Market Demand


  • Siok Yee Tan
  • Mei Yien Chin


Most of the public universities’ student in Malaysia do not have transportation, this causes them do not have the opportunity to enjoy the food outside their campus. Most of the food delivery system available in the market at the time being do not provide delivery services to most of the public university. Besides that, some of the food delivery system only provide delivery services with minimum amount ordered. This causes students who are unemployed or do not have extra income cannotafford this kind of food delivery service. Some of the students who possess transportation like car or motorcycle have to bear expensive petrol cost when they travel outside from the university campus just to enjoy their meal. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to develop a food delivery mobile application called “Dabao” to reduce the financial burden of students and at the same time allow them to enjoy variety of foods outside university campus. Students able to register themselves as a food hunter or food driver through Dabao application. Food driver can share their current location information through Dabao application to all the food hunters when they are dining in a restaurant. Food hunter can order meal from the food driver and able to track the food driver location in real time. Food driver will then deliver the food and collect payment from food hunter with a 20% delivery charges. As a result, students with transportation can choose to earn some side income by involving themselves in food delivery service to cover their petrol cost and students without transportation will be able to enjoy variety of food outside university campus. Based on the evaluation, students claimed that this mobile application is in demand and can be very useful to them.

 Keywords: Android, Food Delivery, Location Tracking, UKM, Usability Testing