Methods of Translation of Fixed Collocations in Russian and German Languages (On the Baseline of Wedding Rituals)


  • Dilyara A. Salimzanova


In modern conditions, the issue of transition to an innovative model for the development of the national economy becomes increasingly important, since the development of innovations becomes the determining factor in increasing the country's competitiveness and in solving social and economic problems. In accordance with the Global Innovation Index, the weak points of the Russian Federation in the field of innovative development are, first of all, the institutional environment and the investment climate. The statistical indicators of investment activity considered in this article are of considerable interest to investors, as they allow to see the current structure and dynamics of investments. Steady growth demonstrates the stability of the country's economy, while sharp fluctuations reflect the presence of problems and worsen the investment climate. Analyzed indicators demonstrate the presence of certain problems that limit the development of investment potential for the development of the innovation economy, which necessitates the search and classification of these problems.

Keywords: investments, investment potential, innovations, financing, national economy, competitiveness, internal costs, budget financing, modernization, social and economic goals, science financing.