Role of the Higher School in Formation of Regional Innovative Clusters


  • Marat R. Safiullin
  • Aliya A. Abdukaeva
  • Leonid A. Elshin


Higher school and its resources play an important role in the effective and successful development of both regional and national economic systems. At the same time, we can say that there is a stable tendency to increase the importance of this role of higher school and its resources in the world community focused on the formation of the information society. This means that the higher school is no longer just a tool for the innovative development of national systems, but a tool for their strategic development, which determines the success of the development of social relations in all areas. Such an increase in the importance of higher education resources allows, in turn, talking about the need to coordinate and create effective mechanisms for regulating the development of the national higher education system and increase the social return on the use of its resources. This is especially true for the Russian Federation, which currently lags behind the advanced countries in terms of development and effectiveness of the applied use of the scientific and educational potential of the higher school, which, accordingly, does not allow it occupying a worthy position in the world markets and complicates the development of its economic system.

An extremely relevant task at the moment is the fundamental understanding of the place and role of Russian higher education in the current and promising processes of innovation of the socio-economic environment. An analysis of this kind is complex, difficult to structure, but it is extremely necessary to increase the efficiency of using the resources of higher education at the same time, as it allows correctly and in more detail understanding what society is seeking from higher education and what it is ready to provide for its development. This article is devoted to a partial solution of the issue posed. The authors reveal the fundamental foundations characterizing the peculiarities of positioning higher school as the core of emerging regional innovation clusters in it.

Keywords: higher education, innovation clusters, higher school clusters, regional innovation structures, clusters of the “future”, clusters of the “past”, systemic transformations.