Investment Potential of the Russian Federation as an Integral Component of the Transition to the Innovative Model of Economic Development


  • Gulnaz Mavletzianovna Galeeva
  • Ekaterina Alekseevna Potapova
  • Anna Nikolaevna Kiriushkina


Modern conditions dictate the need of transition to an innovative model of development of the national economy since the development of innovation is becoming a determining factor in increasing the country's competitiveness and solving social and economic problems. The relevance of this study is due to the fact that the issues of increasing innovative activity in the country are inextricably linked with its investment opportunities since they largely determine the quality and quantity of implemented innovative projects. The objective of the study is to assess the state of the investment potential of the Russian Federation as an integral component of the transition to an innovative model of economic development. In accordance with the Global Innovation Index, the weaknesses of the Russian Federation in the field of innovative development are primarily the institutional environment and the investment climate. The statistical indicators of investment activity considered in the article are of significant interest to investors, as they allow seeing the current structure and dynamics of investments. Sustainable growth demonstrates the stability of the country's economy, while sharp fluctuations reflect problems and worsen the investment climate. The analyzed indicators demonstrate the presence of certain problems that limit the development of investment potential for the development of an innovative economy, which predetermines the need for the search and systematization of these problems.

Keywords: investments, investment potential, innovations, national economy, competitiveness, budget, modernization.