FOPID Controlled Modified Coupled Inductor based SEPIC Converter with Renveble Energy System


  • M. Hemalatha
  • V. Malini
  • Dr. T. Porselvi
  • V. M. Lavanya


Voltage controlled DC/ DC converters are usually used to feed low power DC drives and batteries. This viewpoint deals with simulation and comparison of coupled inductor based modified single ended primary inductor (SEPIC) converter systems. The aspire of this work is to get better the voltage gain and times response of modified SEPIC converter. Secondary switch  with clamped capacitor is added to obtain the soft switching. SEPIC converter simulated and the corresponding results are presented. The presentation of the converter is intentional in terms of output voltage and dynamic characteristics. Design and simulation results are presented to identify a MCI based SEPIC converter system with high power output. The proportional study is obtainable to express the reduction in the ripple in the output voltage. The advantages of the proposed converter are high voltage achieve, reduced switching loss and low electromagnetic interference (EMI). The open loop systems with change in input voltages are simulated. The closed loop systems with proportional integral controller (PIC) and fractional order proportional integral controller (FOPIDC) are simulated and their results are compared. The results of comparison are made to show improvement in time response in terms of settling time and steady state error.