Preferential Customer Analysis with Respect to Use of Digital Marketing Channels amongst Different Income Groups and Customer Satisfaction


  • Ganesh Waghmare
  • Shrikant Ratley


Digital marketing is rising in India with fast bound. Several Indian organizations are using digital marketing for competitive advantage. Achievement of marketing operation cannot be exclusively attained by digital marketing only. Moderately for success of any marketing operation it should fully tie together the competences of numerous marketing techniques obtainable within both the traditional and modern marketing. Digital Marketing is used by the marketers to indorse the goods and services to the marketplace. Digital Marketing place a significant role in growing the sales of goods and services. The purpose of this research is to study the impact of Digital Marketing, how it’s an important tool for both marketers and consumers. We have also studied the impact of Digital Marketing and its influence on consumer buying behavior and their satisfaction towards digital marketing channels. This descriptive and exploratory research was done on base of a structured questionnaire for primary data and the sample size is 100 respondents.