An Examination on the Factors Affecting the Financial Performance of the Organizational Culture of the Medical Institutions Members


  • Eun-Ock Choi
  • Yen-Yoo You
  • Woo-So Jeon


Background/Objectives: The purpose of this study is to see if the organizational culture of members of a medical institution affects financial performance. While the preceding study of organizational culture has been conducted by many researchers, including several scholars, and many studies have been conducted around each industry today, the research on organizational culture and financial performance of medical institutions is not enough.

Methods/Statistical analysis: The survey of medical institution members in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province consisted of a total of 45 questions, including 9 questions in the demographics, and the measurement was made using the Likert 5-point scale. As an empirical analysis, we conducted a technical statistical analysis, exploratory factor analysis and reliability analysis using SPSS 22.0, and confirmed factor analysis, measurement model analysis, and research model analysis using AMOS 22.0.

Findings:As a result, first, group culture and hierarchical culture have positive effects on job satisfaction. Second, group culture has a positive effect on organizational commitment. Third, developmental culture and rational culture had a positive effect on financial performance. Only organizational commitment was found in the relationship between organizational culture and financial performance. It was found that the organizational culture of medical institution members influences the financial performance and that the results are different depending on the organizational culture. The organization also needs to manage and maintain the organization's operations in order to increase the responsiveness to respond to environmental changes and to enhance the work efficiency of its members.

Improvements/Applications:In this study, the higher the organizational culture of medical institution members, the more likely it was to affect job satisfaction, organization commitment, and financial performance. Therefore, we feel the need to expand the scope of the study to analyze whether there will be any differentiation.

Keywords: Organizational Culture, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, Financial Performance, Medical Institutions.