The Competence Enhancement and Organizational Culture on Motivation of Public Employees


  • Onno Sahlania Hamzah
  • Muh. Rum


This research originated from the phenomenon of public services that still did not give satisfaction to the community. To anticipate the increase in regional government performance, it needs to be optimized by increasing the performance of bureaucrats, which are based on strengthening competencies, giving motivation, and strengthening organizational culture. With the strengthening of competence in the field of government oversight and executive officers of local government watchdogs, it is expected governmental performance also be optimized because if it is not optimized then managing the behavior of government and local government officials in general will act outside the rules of governance right track. This study uses the technique of Ordinary Least Square analysis as multiple linear regression on. The results of this study are Pearson's R Correlation testing shows the value of motivation and competence shows a high enough value to determine the performance of public sector employees, while the development of organizational culture is sufficiently following administrative culture only. Whereas the ANOVA test shows that strengthening competencies is needed to support service performance, because without competence the community feels dissatisfied with government services as a whole.