Monitoring Social Media with Social Network Analysis Method and Text Network Analysis as Business Intelligence


  • Maya Ariyanti
  • Refi Rifaldi


The progression of social figuring on huge information investigation make simplicity of doing examination on different parts of information mining through web-based social networking. One viewpoint which can be investigated through social processing is online business. This exploration will concentrate on the relationship of shopper impression of administrations given by web based business Lazada and Tokopedia in Indonesia. The research data obtained by crawling data on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Social computing analysis method is use for Text Network Analysis. With Text Network Analysis, we can see the prevailing words are framing the systems and the affiliation words. It shapes the shopper's impression of services which given by internet business. The advantages of this investigation is the utilization of social computing in analyzing the e commerce customer for increasing the image of ecommerce by the customer perception in social media.