Solar PV fed Super-Lift LUO Converter and mod-ified SEPIC Converter for LED Drivers


  • T. Porselvi
  • K. Deepa
  • S. Aishwarya
  • E. Bharathraj
  • S. Sairam


Advancements in Photovoltaic (PV) technologies has enabled the harnessing of solar power for energy, even in remote locations such as rural areas which has given rise to the advent of Distributed Generation (DG). PV array is an intermittent source of power due to its dependence on solar irradiance. DC-DC converters along with MPPT control algorithm form an integral part of a PV system enabling a regulated output with maximum gain and high conversion efficiency. This paper undertakes two popular converters, a Modified SEPIC converter and Super-Lift LUO converter, for powering LED driver. Some of the advantages of a Super-Lift LUO converter are reduced ripple current, high voltage transfer gain, high efficiency and a high power density while Modified SEPIC converter has low output voltage ripple, non-inverting output and less switching voltage stress. MATLAB/Simulink environment is used to simulate the converters. A prototype hardware implementation of the converters is also undertaken. The experimentation results obtained are shown. This paper proves that Modified SEPIC is more efficient than Super-Lift LUO converter for LED Drivers.