Cloud-GIS Core Technology and Development Strategy


  • Sang-Gug Park


In this study, the role of Cloud-GIS technology, which is being dramatically changed in the utilization environment while aiming at openness/componentization/hyper-connectivity, while providing guidance services and various combined services, will explain the value of Cloud-GIS technology centered on the application of Cloud-GIS technology that is rapidly spreading. In addition, LiDAR image visualization technology that processes 3D facility data to be recognized by the user, and the m-GIS core technology centered on GIS/CAD data integration and linkage technology that can provide useful information such as building design and urban planning to match the surroundings. Finally the m-GIS technology development direction for the development of these core technologies, the m-GIS technology development road-map based on this, and the application plan for the smart phone platform that reflects this, and the policy proposal to carry out this, proposes a technology development strategy. GIS construction project as a national period industry has undergone a breakthrough development in the Cloud-GIS industry with the popularization of smart phones. In particular, the development of sensor fusion systems equipped with various sensors is expanding the monetization base of the related parts development industry. Therefore, a specialized strategy is needed for global market advantages in domestic related industries. For example, by identifying the preferences of each smart phone user(age, job, etc.), it is necessary to develop and market strategies optimized for this.