An Innovative Fault Context Identification Algorithm for High Speed Distance Protection


  • Ujjaval J. Patel
  • Nilesh G. Chothani
  • Praghnesh J. Bhatt


The main aspects influencing the transmission line protection are fault impedance, Load Angle (LA), Fault Application Angle (FAA), Location of fault (FL) and Fault Type (FT). The conventional DFT algorithm used for the phasor measurement removes only integer harmonics and speed of the algorithm is also not sufficient to meet the critical relaying requirement. In this paper, an adaptive algorithm is presented for fast and accurate estimation of Fault Location and classification based on Modified Fourier Transform (MFT). Simulations have been performed in PSCAD to obtain the fault signatures during various fault scenario. The developed test algorithm is scripted in MATLAB followed by validation during extreme faulty conditions. It has been found that the proposed algorithm effectively filters the harmonics, decomposes the fundamental signal from the complex waveforms and operates precisely within one cycle time required for high speed distance protection.