IoT Based Sensor-Integrated Swing Analysis System for Effective Golf Practice


  • Ik Hyun Jin
  • Sung Uk Choi


Today many convergence services have been proposed in many fields such as technology for measuring the value of a sensor using the Internet of Things, technology for transmitting, technology for servicing an application, and technology for processing data. This study proposes a method to measure and analyze user data by incorporating IoT into golf, one of the popular sports. The current research of golf requires high performance cameras and sensors, and expensive equipment and places because it detects the movement of a golf ball or a golf club. In this paper, we designed a hardware to effectively detect the golf swing motion and embedded it in the golf swing exerciser. As the result, the detection error rate became about 3~4%, enabling golf swing practice at low cost. In addition, the individual data measured during golf practice can be stored in the network, which can be used to provide individual swing correction opportunities or develop into a multiplayer golf game.