A Study on Improvement of Digital Personal Information Identification Service using Various Authentication Methods


  • Jong Bae Kim


In this paper, we analyze the trend of the authentication method used as a means to verify the identity of users in online non-face-to-face transactions. In addition, the proposed method describes matters to be considered when applying the authentication method for identity verification. On-line authentication technologies are mainly composed of multiple authentication technologies using various means. However, there is a problem that the complex authentication technology increases inconvenience for the online service users. In addition, online service providers are also experiencing service cost problems due to the combination of authentication methods. In this paper, we propose a method to improve the authentication of various inconveniences of the complex authentication technology. The proposed method investigates the current status of the authentication technology used in Korea and overseas, analyzes the types and characteristics of each authentication technology, and presents an effective method for applying it in the online service field. We propose the advantages and disadvantages of each authentication technology by analyzing the trend of the authentication technology and suggest a method to utilize it effectively in online service markets. Through the application of the proposed authentication technology, it can be used to build more secure and reliable online service.