Spirit of Writing and Sharing as Motives of Kompasiana Users


  • Desi Yoanita
  • Ido Prijana Hadi
  • Alexander Setiawan
  • Agusly Irawan Aritonang
  • Veronica Maureen


In this digital era, people can more easily access information. Not only that, they also more easily produce content that can be published through various platforms on the internet. This phenomenon is called user generated content (UGC). Kompasiana, the UGC platform managed by KompasGramedia Group media company since 2008, provides space for the public to write citizen news and opinions. This platform has more than 355 thousand users and publishes an average of 373 articles per day. This study aims to determine the motivation of Kompasiana users to upload content. The motive indicator used is the typology used in Martha Jack's research, namely personal gain, individual growth, societal interaction, information dispersal, and collective change[1]. The findings of this study indicate that the highest motive is personal gain, while the lowest motive is collective change. Self-actualization and sharing are predicted to be the main drivers of Kompasiana users in creating and uploading content. The results of the cross tabulation also show that users who upload the most are users who works.