Examining the Moderating influence of Job Complexity on the Relationships between Empowering Leadership and Organizational Innovation


  • Majed Alameri
  • Ali Ameen
  • Osama Isaac
  • Gamal S. A. Khalifa
  • Amiya Bhaumik


Organizations consider innovation to be a critical variable between life and death of the organization. Moreover, the goals of ambitious organizations can be achieved through innovation. In the 21st century, this is one of the main resources needed to achieve sustainability and economic growth. The main objective of the current study is to examine the impact of empowering leadership on organizational innovation, besides the examination of the moderating effect of the job complexity between empowering leadership and organizational innovation. The questionnaire was utilized in this study to collect data from the population of police sector in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by using probability random sampling. Structural Equation Modeling-Variance Based (SEM-VB) was utilized to examine the research model in this research, by using the SmartPLS 3.0 software. The result from the analysis shed lights on the impact of empowering leadership on organizational innovation. The proposed research model explained 50.7% of the organizational innovation (OI). Empowering leadership had a positive direct effect on the OI within the police sector in the UAE. Moreover, job complexity moderates (dampens) the relation between empowering leadership and the innovation of organization. The results of the current study have the potential to give further insights into the innovation of organizations strategies.