An Efficient Identity Authentication protocol for layer 2 security sourced on ECC for IoT communications


  • Iqra Hussain
  • Dr. Nitin Pandey
  • Dr. Mukesh Chandra Negi


In IoT communications we have networks comprising of nodes which are capable of sensing a parameter, processing it and transmitting it. Primarily, the networks are employed in environmental sensing and monitoring. As these networks are data centric, the cryptographic parameters like authentication, confidentiality, integrity and availability are strongly needed. The nodes in such networks are resource constrained in terms of memory, bandwidth and power. Due to this limitation traditional Asymmetric Public Key cryptographic algorithms are not well suited for such networks.

In this paper, the suitability and usage of ECC in these networks has been discussed. Using TinyOS as platform and Tiny ECC, this paper presents how ECC provides a better Asymmetric alternative compared to other PKI’s in these networks. The paper also presents a light weight node authentication protocol i.e. an Identity Authentication Protocol using ECC. This protocol has been simulated in TinyOS using Tossim and Simulator.