Character Education Integration in the Learning of Basic Concept of Social Studies in Rokania College of Teachers' Training and Education


  • Safrudin .
  • Muslinayati .
  • Lukman Hakim Nasution


Integrating character education in thelearning of Basic Concepts of Social Studies (KDIPS) is one of the efforts to build students’ character ofRokania Teachers' Training and EducationCollege (STKIP) as religious, honest and responsible human beings. Integrating character education is a way of thinking and behaving which is typicalfor each individual to live and work together within the scope of family, community, nation, and country. At higher education, character education is not done by providing or forming a new subjects, but by integrating them into the existing courses.Therefore, lecturers need to integrate the values developed in character education into relevant subjects such as KDIPS courses. The purpose of this study is to see to what extentis the effect of character education integration in KDIPS learning in STKIP Rokania, RokanHulu Regency, Riau Province based on the values of religious, honesty and responsibility. To answer the problem in this study, descriptive analysisis done with qualitative approachby using interview, observation and documentation methods to 216 samples, namely students of STKIP Rokania.The results of the research findings revealed that the integration of character education in KDIPS learning in STKIP Rokania on religious values is 39% always, 50% often, 11% seldom; honesty value is 49% always, 45% often, 6% seldom; and responsibility value is 64% always, 32% often, 4% seldom. This conditionindicates that the integration of character education can be implemented in each subject to influence the character of STKIP Rokania students to be religious, honest, and responsible.