Real Time Monitoring of Water Quality in IoT Environment through Android Application


  • Arunima Sambhuta Pattanayak
  • Bhawani Shankar Pattnaik
  • Ajit Kumar Panda


Access to clean water is Human Rights. However, insufficient protection of water sources, non-existent water quality monitoring system or use of water quality monitoring system with considerable delays, as well as inadequate treatment of water puts the community at risk of different infectious diseases. To ensure the quality of drinking water, real-time monitoring of the supply water is necessary. This paper presents a Real-time Water Quality Monitoring System based on Internet of Things (IoT) where the water supplier and consumers can directly monitor the quality of the water through android, and web-based application and the administrator, as well as the end-user, can get an alert if there is any problem in the quality of the water to take necessary action. The IoT setup connected with several online sensors which measure the physical and chemical parameters of water such as Temperature, Conductivity, pH, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), Dissolve Oxygen (DO) and Turbidity. The measured parameters can push to the cloud layer of the IoT through the edge controllers. By sending a request an end-user and administrator can check the quality of the water through web-based as well as android based Applications with the help of cloud for real-time monitoring. An automatic alert comes to the water supplier through android application when the sensor value deviates from its normal drinkable range of water as Mentioned by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Index Terms—Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Edge Controller, cloud server, Android, Water Quality Parameters.