Art Approaches as a Source of Expression in the Field of Expressive Ceramics


  • Nehad Nabil Elhusseini


Art is not merely a decoration, or decoration manifested by man, but an expression uttered by the conscience of the individual and what revolves within his innate self.The expression in art must reveal the capability of the individual to create, and reflect the ability to generate thoughts and the possibility of converting them from mere ideas to embodied forms, which occupy space and a vacuum. In view of the dramatic changesof the approaches to knowledge in this era where the value of the artifact is no longer based on technique as an approach to expression, the problem arises due to the fact of focusing on the techniques utilized within the field of ceramics, ignoring other approaches ,which could have a great impact on creativity. Thus, the researcher considered the importance of reviewing other art approaches, assuming that such approaches can have an impact on expression. This study aims to reveal the importance of multiple art approaches as a source of expression in the field of expressive ceramics, such as technique, art, nature and literature, through a study of describing and analyzing some of the artists’ and students’ work that have dealt with diverse approaches in expression. The study resulted in that: (1) There are many art approaches that cannot be over looked as they have positive impact on creativity.(2) These approaches depend not only on the technique ,but also on the visual perception, which plays an important role in the acquisition of information and expressing art in the field of expressive ceramics, (3) although such entrancesmay show overlapping in expression, we cannot deny that some of those art approaches have the priority of being the starting point, that hasa positive impact on creativity in the field of expressive ceramics.