Macroeconomic Trends and Patterns of Sustainable Economic Growth and its Quality


  • Bustonov Mansurjon Mardonakulovich


One of the most important long-term goals of the economic policies of developed and developing countries is to ensure economic growth, improve its quality and balance. The ideas that have existed over the past decades about the sustainability of economic growth and a balanced approach to human, social, natural and physical dimensions have undergone profound changes. As the study showed, there is no consensus on what is central and that there are different interpretations of “quality of economic growth”. This concept includes key aspects that shape the process of economic growth. The analysis showed that the leading ones are those aspects that directly affect growth, and at the same time strengthen the impact of improving the quality of economic growth on the stability of the economy. These include distribution of opportunities, economic sustainability of the environment, global risk management, and production and management issues. Each of these factors acquires a more capacious content and interpretation. Economic growth is understood to mean an increase in production capital, i.e. created for a certain period of goods and services.                                        

Keywords: being balanced, economic growth, the quality of economic growth investments, quality indicators of economic growth, modernization.