Aluminum Conductor Theoretical Design and Economy for Variable Speed Drives


  • R. Gowri Shankar Rao
  • N. K. Rayaguru
  • Pramod Kumar Gouda


Copper has been the only material with good conductivity and easy availability and methods of design of copper conductors motors are based upon more than half a century of years of experience. Economy variable speed drives might use  aluminium conductor in the stator  also so as to minimise costs ,but this has to be studied in detail and designs  tested  by actual  construction. Now the time has come, at least in this country, to try to exploit materials other than copper towards this purpose, and we have the next best in the list as Aluminum, the metal which is available in plenty in this country and almost everywhere in the world.  Already the use of Aluminum has found a place in overhead conductors, cables and for domestic wiring.  But the use of aluminum winding material in electric machines has not been taken considerably and there are reasons. This paper provides simple and economical procedure for the operation of AC induction motors for small and medium sizes and therefore, the use of aluminum conductor for stator winding was considered as   important.