Do Employee Performance effects by Organicational Culture? An Inferential Analysis


  • Ms. Neelima Jasthi
  • Dr. Kalpana Koneru


The purpose of the study is to understand employee Organizational culture and their implementation in Educational institutions located in Guntur. The well-being of employees has become an important issue in competitive market within the educational institutions. Many institutions conduct Organizational culture programs for understanding its effect and influence on employee organization commitment strategically. But some employees skip these programs as they are not aware about the benefits of participating in these programs. Conveniences of 125 respondents are finalized for the study out of 150 samples was 25 responses are inconsistent and semi-filled are removed for inclusion in the study. Through this study we try to explore that factors by which employees are interested to participate in the Organizational culture program interventions in the organization. To test the model we used descriptive and inferential statistics. The correlation between the constructs resulted that they exhibit a high correlation and the regression was performed to identify the dependence relation between the constructs. It is found that the all the constructed hypothesis are positively and significantly show a meaningful relation with organizational commitment by interventions of Organizational culture.