New Method to Activate the Cognitive Process


  • Musinov Sobir
  • Abdukarimov Abdunabi
  • Abdukarimova Khadicha Rabimovna


In this paper, the role of the taxonomy of the American Psychologist B. Bloom in activating the cognitive process is investigated. This taxonomy is fully based on the laws of psychology, psychophysiology, pedagogy, which the teacher uses in the course of training as a controlled process. According to the laws of psychology, the information obtained is first sensed, then perceived, and then presented. Only on the basis of clear, vivid, intensive representations, the cognizer, perceiving cause-and-effect relationships and relationships, gradually forms knowledge in himself.

The article is devoted to the analysis of this complex, systemic process of cognition, where the role of the presentation process is actualized for obtaining scientifically grounded and practically directed knowledge, turning it into skills and abilities.

In the process of studying the patterns of development of professional competence of future teachers during 2012-2018 at the Samarkand State University, the Samarkand branch of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages ??revealed that they have little knowledge of B. Blum's taxonomy. Future teachers have difficulty in providing students with an understanding of the information received. In our opinion, this contradiction is resolved by the targeted use of procedures for ensuring the representation processes between the categories “Knowledge” and “Presentation”. In the course of the study, a system of verbs of action was developed that contribute to the development of the representation.

Note that the term “Presentation” is presented as a special category in the B. Bloom category system. The experiment involved more than 200 university professors, students, masters, doctoral students, and school teachers. They were asked: from the 50 verbs of the action related to the presentation of the presentation, select the 10 most needed to create a quality presentation and number them in order of importance.

 Keywords: Bloom's taxonomy, cognitive process, competence, performance, skills.