Web-Based E-Commerce Ticket and Tour Package


  • Debi Erwanto et al.


The development of technology is now increasing rapidly, one of the technological developments is the internet. Then what is obtained by using the internet is also utilized by the field of sales, namely the existence of Web-Based E-commerce Information System. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of Web-based E-commerce on customer loyalty sale. In making this thesis, researcher built a web-based E-commerce information system by using Adobe Dreamweaver and MySQL as a database. The method used in writing this report was the waterfall method, by conducting a survey of the ongoing system, conducting interviews and observations and collecting data to obtain the information needed. Users are represented by use case diagram and use case glossary. Process design method by describing Context Diagram, DFD, ERD. The results of the design and manufacture of this application are expected to be useful and help to solve company problems and be implemented to help PO. Puspa Jaya in term of the sale process.