Framework Development for the Development of Mobile Commerce Applications


  • Anggun Tyas Prasasti et al.


Abstract: In general, the definition of Electronic commerce is the process of selling and buying both of information or goods and services through internet media. Applications can be made by making designs based on commonalities, that are common from existing application designs. Development techniques using designs existing applications utilizing the concept of reusability are called frameworks. The general requirements model of the B2C M-Commerce application in Indonesia has been analyzed by looking for similarities in the specific applications available. The class design framework for developing B2C M-Commerce applications is a solution to the increasing need for this application which is already widely available in Indonesia. This framework was successfully created by designing classes that are described with Class Diagrams along with patterns of interaction and their connectedness with other classes that are described with Sequence Diagrams. This design framework has been successfully used by testing the use in application development with a case study. In addition, this design framework has also met the evaluation based on fulfilling the criteria and achieving the benefits of the AlamDanau Indah Pringsewu Residence.