The Doll Store Online Shop Application


  • Desta Restu Pertiwi et al.


In the current era, a system in a business is really needed. For example in a store, an application system or website will be very helpful in the process of promotion and dissemination of information to the public. Managing and processing data manually is vulnerable to weaknesses, such as errors and delays in sales, recording customer data, recording ordering data and storing data manually will be difficult when the data is needed. This condition is also experienced by Nufus Doll Store, therefore E-commerce is a new system in the world of business that uses online services. Many items can be offered through e-commerce such as selling dolls online using the web. By this system, customers do not have to bother coming to the store and can order it at any time without a time limit. Some applications that are joined together into a package are sometimes referred to as a package or application suite (application suite). E-Commerce Application at Nufus Doll Store is designed using macromedia dreamweaver, php, mysql, xampp and photoshop. The design of this website online is expected to attract customer interest and can be an effective sales medium.