Tribal Economic Management System of the Kutia Kandhas of Odisha in India


  • Dr. Tusarkant Pattnaik, Dr. Ratnakar Mohapatra


The economic system of the Kutia Kandhas of Odisha is a fascinating aspect of the primitive tribal economy of Odisha. The Kutia Kandhas of Odisha is identified as Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups of Odisha in India by considering its characteristic features. The economic life of Kutia Kandhas are really connected with their forest economy, agricultural cycle and other sources as labourers in various developmental works / schemes of the Government of India. Their income is spent in the purchase of daily food items, dress, ornaments and house maintenances. Most of their expenditure is found for the purchase of rice beer (handia). The Kutia Kandhas of Odisha mostly depend upon their verity of forest product things and few shifting cultivation on hill slopes and different forest areas. The Kutia Kandhas constitute a primitive section of the great Kandha tribe of Odisha. They are
found in a contiguous pocket comprising the Belghar area or Baliguda sub- division in Kandhamal district and Lanjigarh area of Kalahandi district. They lead an isolated life of poverty and indigence. They had been doing various kinds of agricultural activities, only in transplantation of rice seedlings and in harvesting. The main occupation of the Kutia Kandha is agriculture. As the settled cultivation land is limited, they mostly depend upon swidden land. Due to improvement of the communication facilities, many changes seem to have been taken place in the economy life of the Kutia Kandhas of Odisha.
The article attempts to focus on the economic system of the Kutia Kandhas of Odisha in Eastern India. Methodologically, both the primary and secondary sources have been used by the authors for the writing of this article.