A Comparative Study on Customer Satisfaction in Indian Public Sector and Private Sector Banks


  • Ms. Sunita, Ms. Kavita


The banking business, like many other financial service companies, is confronted with a quickly changing market, new technology, economic uncertainty, severe rivalry, and increasingly demanding clients; and the shifting atmosphere has posed an unparalleled set of challenges. Customer service is an essential component of every aspect of banking, and it determines the destiny of any financial institution. The whole range of activity and revenue creation in the banking business revolves around the consumer. From a fairly pleasant and quiet atmosphere, the Indian Banking Sector is currently marked by fierce competition for customer satisfaction and profit wars between various banking organisations, i.e. (Private bank vs. Nationalized Bank). This article attempts to compare and contrast customer satisfaction between these two types of banks: public and private sector banks. The data was collected using a simple random sampling approach with a sample size of 50 people from the Malout and Bathinda regions of Punjab.