Conceptual Structure of Urban Infrastructure Management (UIM) in Smart Cities


  • Kolla Naga Sreenivasa Rao, Dr. V. Ranga Rao


In this paper the conceptual structure of urban infrastructure management in smart cities is done. The main intent of this paper is to implement the urban infrastructure management to improve the quality of people’s life. Hence the important task is select and ranks the projects which are included in the Smart city’s infrastructure development. In this first urban infrastructure assets and values are described. Smart city planning is explained and next urban infrastructure management planning is given. The information infrastructure has increasing impact on urban process. Therefore this article presents a conceptual version of an applied urban infrastructure management solution that, on the one hand, includes objective and subjective criteria for ranking projects, on the other hand, includes management mechanisms and best practices for managing from IT-field. The complex will form the functional core of the applied solution.