Seismic Analysis of Horizontal Split-casing water Pump


  • Ramesh S. Gavade, Suresh M. Sawant


The massive transformation in manufacturing sector, creates new challenging environment to pump manufactures. The Seismic Analysis of Splitcase Water Pump is introduced in this research work. Earthquake is a Natural calamity with massive accelerations that could lead to severe damages of Splitcase Water Pump. As the occurrence of this instance is not in control of anybody, it is better to ensure that the products that are installed in such zones are designed to withstand these massive loading. There are two approaches used to ensure the mechanical integrity of the products installed. The first is experimental approach wherein the shake table tests are conducted with a view to find the natural frequencies and relative deflections with specified accelerations. This work presents an alternative approach to ensure mechanical integrity of the product when installed in earthquake prone area. The approach is demonstrated by considering a Split Case double suction pump. The natural frequencies are estimated using commercially available FEA packages.