The Study on the Design of Combined Circular Electromagnetic Band-Gap and Defected Ground Structures to Suppress the Simultaneous Switching Noise in Pcbs Design based on CAE


  • Jeong Hyun Cho


Electromagnetic noise is an important issue that must be addressed when designing high-speed printed circuit boards. This study combines a circular electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structure with a defected ground structure (DGS) to create a new EBG structure that effectively suppresses the power/ground noise in a multi-layer board when the clock frequency is in the single-digit gigahertz range. The structure consists of periodically arranged square-shaped DGSs on the ground plane of the PCB along with a circular mushroom EBG structure, but does not require modification of any other geometric parameters. The measured results show that the power and ground noise was suppressed by more than 40 dB between 2.63 GHz and 14.79 GHz, and the noise suppression bandwidth was not strongly dependent on the number of square-shaped DGSs.