A Brief Study on the Recovery of Loans and Advances of Konoklota Mahila Urban Co- Operative Bank Ltd. of Jorhat, Assam


  • Jyotika Medok


For a sound banking function of co-operative bank, recovery of loan assumes an important factor. Timely recoveries of loans strengthen the resource position of co-operative bank and enable them to repay the borrowed loans to apex financing agencies on time. A banker has not merely to advance money to trade, industry and commerce but has to ensure that his money which is advanced comes back to him. This is so because a banker advances money which does not belong to him but belongs to the depositors who have to be paid either on demand or on maturity after a certain period. The question which, therefore, arises is what procedure should be followed by a banker to recall advance

This paper, therefore attempts to study about the recovery position of loans and advances of Konoklota Mahila Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd. of Jorhat and suggest appropriate measures to improve it.