Students Perception on Multiple Celebrities Endorsing a Single product: An Experimental Study


  • Prof. P. Sheela, Dr. S. Anjani Devi, Dr. Y. Thorani


Celebrities’ endorsement today is becoming a popular attempt by marketers in order to create a better recognition for their products and brand.  Celebrities’ endorsement in India as crossed a multimillion market. Marketers have adopted the use of celebrities to draw the attention and influencing the customers buying intentions. Many celebrities in India today are being used in different marketing campaign and results have been proved that their association were successful and positive to the marketers. The fact that multiple celebrities endorsing single product in Indian context is rapidly increasing. This positive results had created an urge in the researchers to explore the effect of multiple celebrities endorsing a single product.

This research was an attempt on examining students’ perceptions about multiple celebrities endorsing the same product and if the attributes of multiple celebrities effect students purchasing decision with reference to Swiss Luxury Watch Brand Tag Heuer.It was provedthrough this research that students in general do agree that multiple celebrities  endorsinga single product has a positive impact, but when it comes to the attributes of the multiple celebrities with reference to Swiss Luxury Watch Brand Tag Heuer, it was noted that there were mixed opinion on the students purchase decisions. Attribute like trustworthy, celebrities expertise, celebrities matching consumers expectations, celebrities presence  adding meaningfulness to the product, celebrities presence easily get connected to students, celebrities are familiar to the students  and the students preference on celebrities endorsing branded products are rejected. While attributes such as information shared on the brand is reliable, celebrities’ presence in the endorsed advertisements increases the brand image of the product and multiple celebrities can enhance the brand market share were accepted.