Research on Automatic Integrated Circuit Design Based on Low Voltage and Low Power FTFN


  • Peng Zhao*, Bei Han, Haixiong Li


With the continuous improvement of China's industrial production level, higher
requirements have been put forward for the performance of the motor used in industry.
To improve the power factor of integrated circuit can not only improve the efficiency of
the motor to save energy, still can reduce the pressure drop of line, thus reducing the
distribution line losses, reduce the loss of the power supply transformer at all levels,
improve the load capacity of power supply equipment, improve the quality of power
supply save electricity, reduce the load switch equipment, prolong the service life of the
appliance and save non-ferrous metal consumption.At the same time, since most of the
load in the power network is low voltage and low power consumption motor load,
increasing the power factor of the motor can reduce reactive power in the power
network, so as to improve the power factor of the power network. Therefore, under the
situation of continuous development of industrial production and increasingly tense
demand for electric energy in China, improving the power factor of the motor not only
has a positive effect on the power system and power enterprises, but also can greatly
alleviate the energy shortage, which is of great practical significance for improving the
national economic benefits.