The Allocation and Analysis of Available Energy for Various Buildings from the Perspective of Urban Planning


  • Xudong Zhang , Tian Chen, Jingfeng Zhang


Urban planning and design must take the protection of the ecological environment as the
first principle and carry out the planning and design of an ecological city on the basis of
respecting nature and environment. Ensure that the quality of the city's ecological
environment is maintained to a certain extent, reduce the construction of
pollution-related projects from the perspective of municipal engineering, plan with
on-site investigations by high-level eco-city design staff and closely cooperate with the
design of ecological nature and urban development. The layout promotes the
construction and development of ecological cities. In urban construction, it is necessary
to handle the relationship between energy and the environment, prevent the occurrence
of environmental governance after development, strengthen environmental management
and the effective use of energy, respond to strict environmental management and carry
out energy development and development through advanced technologies and processes.
Use and protect the environment at the same time, continue to innovate in science and
technology, develop new technologies and equipment and eliminate the production of
pollution-intensive and energy-intensive products, so as to achieve the goals of energy
conservation and environmental protection.