Research on Cost Management of Construction Projects Based on BIM of Building Decoration

  • Xiaoyuan Yi


The BIM technology of building decoration management in the construction phase has
modern information characteristics. In the structural design, the advantages of BIM
technology are used to build a digital model based on data collection. Therefore, the
information content in the model is very large. The model exists in the form of an
engineering information database and its main function is to store various types of
information in the process of construction and supervision and to establish
connections between various data. Under this technical background, if you want to
know a certain location information of building decoration management in the
construction stage, you only need to click on the department to obtain it, so as to avoid
poor communication and lack of understanding of working conditions, which is
largely avoided Errors make the design of building decoration management in the
construction stage more practical. With the help of BIM technology, all kinds of
information in the construction project are integrated to control the construction
quality. In the process of structural design, various issues such as comfort and safety
can also be considered and the design conditions such as energy saving and lighting
can be evaluated to create a good construction stage. The building decoration
management space. Relying on BIM technology, it can render the structure of a
building project in the form of a three-dimensional diagram, simulate the building
model after completion, give full play to the advantages of computer software,
perform simulation analysis and model processing and truly integrate the work of
drawing, rendering and calculation. The overall form exists.