Research and Practice of Virtual Simulation Technology in Architectural Heritage Protection

  • Shuxian Xu, Wei Wu


The immersive feature is one of the important features of virtual reality technology.
Virtual reality can almost simulate certain scenes according to people's fantasy, so as to
satisfy people's desire to communicate in the virtual world. Simulated realistic
environment can let a person immersed in it.Aiming at the characteristics of
virtualization technology this paper made a summary, and analysis the advantages and
disadvantages of virtualization technology in practical application, aiming at the
difficult problem in the field of high performance computer technology, are trying to
solve using the virtualization technology, further analysis of high performance
computer network information and filtering, so as to achieve technical support.
Especially in the field of high performance computer technology in the difficult
problems of the current research, further analysis and exploration of virtualization
technology. This paper gives a brief overview of virtualization technology, and
analyzes the application of virtualization technology in high-performance computers,
hoping to help the development of virtualization technology.