Preparation And Performance Of Sio2 Aerogel/Fiber Insulation and Antibacterial Composite Packaging Material

  • Fan Zhang, Wei Zhao, Xingyu Huang


The molding and performance technology of SiO2 aerogel/fiber insulation and
antibacterial composite packaging materials effectively solves the quantitative
narrow-band feedthrough problem, which leads to an interconnection method that can
be packaged and decomposed by the corresponding material. Other solutions of
continuous demultiplexing interconnection methods (such as asynchronous payloads
that are effectively multiplexed infinitely) cannot effectively solve the hydrophobic
problem. The successful development of hydrophobic and thermal insulation properties
of SiO2 aerogel/fiber insulation materials and antibacterial composite packaging
materials will develop the mechanical and dielectric properties of packaging materials,
making aerogel composite materials have a great application in the future