Environmental monitoring of intelligent granary in grain storage relying on radio frequency wireless WSN nodes


  • Xiaoqing Gu, Fuqiang Li, Aiying Lin, Baozhou Zheng*


The safety of grain storage has always been a relatively complicated problem. With the
rapid development of science and technology and the improvement of agricultural
automation in my country, the technology for granary management has been further
improved. In view of the shortcomings of low efficiency and poor accuracy of manual
point-by-point measurement in China's grain storage process, this paper proposes a
granary monitoring system based on wireless sensor network to collect various data on
temperature, humidity, and insect pest through sensor, and transmit them to the remote
monitoring center with GPRS in order to reduce the loss during grain storage. This paper
proposed a granary monitoring system based on the wireless sensor network (WSN).
Various data on temperature, humidity, and pests are collected by sensors and
transmitted to the remote monitoring center through WSN. The monitoring management
software completes the real-time query of the uploaded data and issues alarms on
parameters that have exceeded the standard. It has not only ensured grain quality but also
reduced labor intensity, which complies with the real-time and intelligent requirements
of the granary monitoring system.