Dynamic Complex Environment-based Self-Adaption PE Teaching Model


  • Haijun Zhu


A dynamic complex environment-based self-adaption PE teaching model (DCESTM) is
proposed, which uses a kind of binary design of the dynamic simulation model. The PE
students in the PE teaching group change through the negative adaptation to the positive
imitation, that is, the system goes through the imitation of the interaction scene and
conducts the friendly interaction, so they have a stronger ability to adapt to the scene,
sports students can more accurately feel the changes in the scene, but also to find the
sports conditions of the sports students in the environment. Results of the experiment are
got from a series of test of a very good transplant and generalization ability. The results
show that this model can also ensure the stable imitation of the trainees in the scene in
the turbulent scenes, which can be used to simulate the motion of the students, the
robustness of the model and the detection ability of the trainees and the ability of sports
trainee to pursue are higher than similar methods.