Mobile Intelligent Web Pre-fetching Scheme for Cloud Computing Services in Industrial Revolution 4.0


  • Nur Syahela Hussien
  • Abdulaziz Aborujilah
  • Sarina Sulaiman


Currently the Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) rapidly development and being important as the amount of consumers retrieving information continues to grow over time. Every day when customers request the information, large data storage must serve large volume data operations. Therefore, to fix the inadequate information storage encountered by some suppliers, intelligent techniques are need. In addition, the worldwide industry has altered in many areas in recent years owing to excellent technological advances. The Industry 4.0 concept has developed in this modern period and afterward has been embraced and examined by both; scholarly and professionals in numerous other progressed nations. Hence, an enhancement Mobile Intelligent Web Pre-fetching Scheme was proposed to offer a management of cloud data storage for users to readily access the information with quickness wherever to prevent the amount of response time during user access the information. This paper examines the challenges of Cloud Computing (CC) innovation in industry 4.0. The intelligent web pre-fetching technique is utilize to upgrade the execution of Cloud Computing (CC) when taking care of information get to by clients. An improvement of the MCC scheme is propose to bolster information administration to provide proficient and viable execution of MCC services for industry 4.0.