Design and Implementation of Computer Aided System for Plant Selection in Landscaping

  • Shufang Zhao


As early as in 2017, the concept of "clear water and green mountains are gold and silver
mountains" put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping has become an important
concept guiding China's urban landscape planning.In urban landscape planning, first -
and biennial grass flowers are one of the important plant materials in urban
greening.Grass flower landscape can not only enhance the effect of land cover, highlight
the value and characteristics of herbaceous flowers in landscaping.At the same time, the
sustainable development of urban landscape planning is not only reflected in the tangible
business products, on the activities of planning and preparation also should pay attention
to ecological environment, not blind pursuit of economic efficiency, and coordination of
landscape ecology and environment, the relationship between development and
resources to build, make the landscape design of the open country sucks more