Audit Risk and Prevention Strategy of Enterprise Accounting Based on Computer Technology


  • Chao Meng , Sha Liu


With the further development of the market economy, the government and enterprises
pay more and more attention to the auditing of financial statements, and the risks that
exist in corporate accounting audits are the most important issues that need to be
addressed. Internal audit work has a certain impact on the healthy development of
enterprises and can enhance the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the analysis and research of internal audit.
Relying on computer technology, this article first analyzes the hidden dangers of
corporate internal audit, and digs deep into the reasons why it occurs. At the same time, it
analyzes from both subjective and objective perspectives and internal management
factors, and finally proposes to strengthen corporate accounting audit risks and methods
The main countermeasures are expected to provide decision support for corporate
accounting audit risks and prevention.