Application of LoRa Multipoint Communication Protocol Based on CAD Preamble Detection in Industrial Internet of Things


  • ZuolingNiu


The design principles of the LoRa intelligent industrial production system in this paper
are two-way, visual and controllable, green and intelligent. In the bottom-up
transmission process, the collection node collects the relevant data of industrial
production, transmits it to the LoRa base station through the LoRa ad hoc network and
then sends it to the data management cloud platform through the WiFi/3G/4G
interconnection network. The advantages of this system are not only Reflected in the low
power consumption, high efficiency and anti-interference of LoRa technology, it also
realizes the refined management of industrial production, which can effectively reduce
the cost of industrial production and damage to the environment. This system includes
two parts: automatic management and manual management. Among them, automatic
management means that the sensors on the industrial production site can monitor the
factors that affect planting and breeding in real time. When the data reported by the
collection node is abnormal, the system will perform intelligent prevention and control.
Manual management refers to the overall management of industrial production by
industrial production workers through the suggestions provided by the industrial
production expert system. The combination of manual management and automated
management effectively reduces the management cost of industrial production