Analysis and Evaluation of Carbon Emission in Materialized Stage of Prefabricated Building Based on Environmental Emission Reduction Strategy


  • XiangLi , XiaomengSun


In recent years, dueto the ecological quality requirements and environmental capacity
constraints of prefab buildings in the economically developed southeast coastal areas,
the transformation of traditional energy cooperation mode to new energy cooperation
mode has been promoted.In the process of environmental energy saving prefabricated
buildings emission reduction, the partners of cooperation shift from primary energy to
secondary energy, and the carbon emission from energy processing mainly stays in the
energy output prefabricated buildings.In today's world of total energy consumption
control, the carbon emission right is closely related to the regional development right,
and the traditional horizontal ecological compensation has not yet covered the
compensation of carbon emission, so it is of far-reaching significance to study this.Based
on the carbon compensation framework in energy cooperation and the carbon emissions
generated, this paper discusses the carbon emissions generated by energy output
prefabricated buildings and energy input under different energy cooperation forms.