An Empirical Study of Computer Network Technology in Enterprise Production Efficiency and Innovation Strategy


  • DongkunLi


The application of computer network in life is also the result of the effective
development of life. In terms of the current use of computer networks, the effect is still
very good. Coupled with the development of science and technology, many computer
networks have appeared. The characteristics of people's lives have basically changed.
Moreover, the use of computer networks in life has both advantages and disadvantages.
Therefore, computer networks cannot accurately guide people's lives. Therefore,
computer networks should be used reasonably in current life. Nowadays, science and
technology have promoted the development of people's lives. Although computer
network technology has not taken a long time from its appearance to the current
universal application, it cannot be separated from life and computer networks have also
promoted the development of society. In general, computer networks are closely related
to people's lives and computer networks have now become an indispensable part of
people's lives. Computer technology can process and analyze massive amounts of
information content. With the development of society, the information involved in
business operations is getting larger and larger. Traditional text records are no longer
suitable for the current work style. Computer technology can greatly improve the
efficiency of economic management, To provide an effective carrier for business
operations and help us obtain more information.