Development and Application of Three-dimensional Folded Garment Design System Based on Woven CAD

  • Dugang Guo


In the context of the current era, network technology continues to develop and innovate
and people's awareness of design and manufacturing concepts continues to deepen.
Business management has undergone changes to varying degrees and many new design
and manufacturing systems have emerged, such as concurrent engineering and digital
design. With manufacturing, collaborative design, etc., relying on modern management
technology and information technology can shorten the product design and
manufacturing cycle, promote technology update and development and seek sustainable
development of the company while enhancing the core competitive advantage of the
company. The application of CAD technology in product design and manufacturing has
received extensive attention and attention from all walks of life. The application of CAD
has gradually deepened and the strategic goal of networked, digitalized and integrated
development of enterprise production cycles has begun to be put forward. It is an
inevitable choice for the development of CAD application engineering and it is also an
inevitable choice for the reform and upgrading of my country's traditional manufacturing
industry. However, most designers do not understand this knowledge. If elements with
the characteristics of the times are added to the teaching materials, it will not only
promote the expansion of the designer's thinking, but also improve the designer's
aesthetic ability and then keep up with fashion trends. In addition, it is necessary to
appropriately add the part of the teaching content of analysis of current fashion trends, so
as to allow designers to have a deeper understanding of the fashion trends on the market
and then clarify their design direction